Summer Solstice Spiritual Meaning

In this article you will learn about the Summer Solstice, spiritual meaning. What are the energies present? And what does this really mean for you, personally and practically in your life?

How can you understand this deeper, to align your intentions with the planetary energies present, so you can get easier results for what you want in life?

What is The Summer Solstice?

First, let’s understand the Summer Solstice.

The Summer Solstice is when the Sun is at it’s furthest point, away from our planet earth.

This means, it brings the longest day (for us in the Northern Hemisphere), during the Summer Solstice, which occurs annually between June 20-22.

These are the factual points about it. Now let’s understand the Summer Solstice, Spiritual meaning, and above all, how we can use it, to amplify our intentions, especially if we’re working in a Ceremonial way with Sacred Earth Medicine; like many of our ancestors did.

Combining The Solstice Energy With Prayer

When we allow ourselves to use the Summer Solstice, in ALIGNMENT with our Personal Intentions, we receive – literally – the entire power of the Solar System, behind us, in the direction of our intent and desires.

So, we need to learn, if we want an EASIER time in this human journey, how to UNDERSTAND the astrological energies present in any given moment, and how to ALIGN our INTENTIONS with that Greater, Universal Force.

Side Note: Humbling Ourselves To Understand…

It’s important to remember, that we are but fractals, smaller fragments of a Greater Universal Consciousness.

Like the cells make up the body; we, as individual organisms, are really cells of the Greater Consciousness, that is our Planet Earth.

Earth, lives in Relationship, with all the other Universal Energies, that exist in our Solar System.

As above; so below.

Everything that is found outside of us, in the planetary solar system, we can find WITHIN us.

Every planet, represents an ENERGY, of CREATION; which will naturally be found in everything, from the greater scale of the Solar System, to the minor scale, of our Internal World.

This means, as we learn more about the Planets, we learn more about our Self.

This is a conversation much deeper, and if you are interested in going deeper into the Nature of Consciousness, and the Karmic Return back to the Liberated Self, then click here, as we share much more around this to all our Members.

Why Does This Matter?

Everything we teach about, is about helping you understand YOU.

Nothing we share, is about simply “satisfying mental curiosity”, but it is about, how can you APPLY this understanding into your Personal Experience, for more Ease, Joy, and Harmony?

When it comes to the planets, the Summer Solstice spiritual meaning, and why all of this matters –

We need to remember, that we can USE this Understanding, by aligning our INTENTIONS, amplified by Prayer and Ceremony, with the Universal Forces, to ride the waves of Creation’s Energy, so we ensure we’re FLOWING with Life, and not trying to move AGAINST it? Make sense?

That means, by understanding the energy present, for example, as the Earth moves around the Sun, and the 4 Seasons are present –

Each of these represent an ENERGY of our LIVES; the 4 Seasons are a Map, to help us understand the Cycles of Life, and how death and rebirth, is a repeating process of our human reality.

Death and Rebirth – Understanding The 4 Seasons

Death and Rebirth – Understanding The 4 Seasons

Before we can dive into the Spiritual Significance of the Summer Solstice, and what it means for you –

We need to understand the big-picture, the meta perspective, from above.

Life moves in 4 Phases of a Cycle –

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Right?

Here is the energy of each of these, at a glance:

Spring: Birth, New Beginnings, “Planting Seeds”

Summer: Blossoming, Flourishing, Reaping Rewards, “The Harvest”

Fall: Dying, Falling Away, Decay, “The Leaves Fall”

Winter: Death, Emptiness, Introspection, “Hibernation”

So, when we see Summer’s role in the Greater Cycle, then it can easily help us understand the Spiritual Signifance of what this energetic time is really about, right now.

Around The Summer Solstice – “What to Expect”

Understanding, that the light of the sun literally creates the longest amount of daylight hours, at the peak of the Summer Solstice (~Jun 21 in North America) –

Then, recognize that this is also a reflection of the amount of Light, and Consciousness, that is Present within You, through your personal cycle.

There are many natural cycles in Nature, and how they directly effect us –

For example, the lunar cycles for women, and how they correlate with their menstruation, typically every 4 weeks.

If a woman is “regular” or “in tune with the moon”, she will not only have her menstruation around the same time every month, but she will also be in sync with either the Full Moon or the New Moon, when she bleeds.

Why does this matter?

For us as humans, if we’re “in tune with Nature”, we will be EFFECTED by the Natural Cycles around us.

If not, we won’t be. Simple.

In fact, so many of us are no longer in tune with Nature, which means, that we’ve grown disconnected from the very Source of our True Self.

And there is nothing more important, than returning back to our Natural Essence; in alignment and rhythm with the Nature Cycles around us.

When we do this, we will be SENSITIVE to the Energies around us, moving in rhythm, with the seasons of time.

So, this time, energetically, astrologically, and thus personally (especially if we’re in tune with Nature), is about this –

Bring in the LIGHT


The Light we Are.

The Light of the Sun.

The Light of our Heart.

The Light of Truth, Remembering Itself, through you and I. Through these words.

The Light of JOY, being re-awoken, and remembered as our Natural State.

This is where we are all going.

This is the Energy, Present.

This is the Time of the Most Light; literally in a physical, 3D way.

So, we need to make SPACE for the LIGHT that is wanting to be REMEMBERED and CELEBRATED.

How do we do this?

Prayer and Ceremony – Why It Matters

Prayer and Ceremony – Why It Matters

Our ancient ancestors, would honor the Summer Solstice in Ceremony and Prayer.

Many powerful cultures, such as the Inka, Mayan, Aztec, even Egyptian, and Pagan; all over the world, Earth-Based cultures have Celebrated the Summer Solstice as a special and significant day.

These ancients would even build large, elaborate temples to honor, capture and Receive the Light of the Sun on this Sacred Day.

The Summer Solstice was believe to open a Sacred Portal – to receive profound gifts from the Universe; Visions, messages, understanding, guidance, direction, and clear instruction from the gods they believed in; or in fact, the One Source where All Comes From.

The Use of Earth Medicine

The use of Earth Medicine in Ceremony, was a powerful ritual, that allowed the ancient cultures to connect deeper to the Guides, Messengers and Masters. To the Elements, the Elementals, and the Directions; who would speak to them.

We so deeply believe in the immense magic, and truly profound, ineffable experiences, of what can be opened and received, when we also follow in the footsteps of the great masters, and ancient-ones, who have left us so many clues, for how they received the profound guidance, clarity, and understanding about reality; which we have fallen from, as a human race.

Go Into Nature – Make Space for Ceremony

We invite you to take the day – the Summer Solstice (~Jun 21 in North America) – and Go into Nature.

Take time to Pray. To Ask. To Receive Guidance.

And if you feel like amplifying your intentions, and all you can receive, sit with one of our Ceremonial Chocolates.

This will open powerful portals, for you to be able to receive the immense Light, and Guidance from the Sun, that is strongest, at it’s highest peak, on this day.

The Sun is a Master

The Sun, is the planetary experience of an Enlightened State.

Pure Radiance. Unconditional, unwavering, never-ending Light. That is so strong, bright, can be felt as warmth, heat; gives LIFE.

It is the Portal to the Center of the Galaxy.

Anything we offer to the Sun, is sent into the Center of our Galaxy, like a megaphone into Creation.

Anything we Pray, to the Sun, to the Fire, is a magical act, that truly ripples into all of Creation. Where, all you ask, wish and want, is given, when in alignment with the Heart.

So, Pray.

Take time, light a fire if you can.

Recognize, that everything you pray into a fire, is a Sacred Offering, that is received by All of Existence.

The relationship with the sun, it’s true magic, teachings, blessings, and power, are so vast and deep, that we simply invite you, if you are called to learn more about the true relationship we can have with the Sun, as a portal to the highest states of consciousness, and our own Self, then click here.

We share much more about this, for all Members, and have countless ways we transmit this understanding to those who are ready.

For now –

Plan Your Ceremony – What Days Work?

Plan Your Ceremony – What Days Work?

Even if you can’t take time to go into Nature or have a Ceremony, exactly ON the Summer Solstice, the energetic portal is said to be +/- (plus or minus) 3 days from the peak, of Jun 21.

Meaning, between Jun 18 – Jun 24, is a powerful time to take a day to be in Nature, and with your Self.

Final Words

The Summer Solstice spiritual meaning, is ultimately about remembering –

This is the time in Life to Celebrate, to Relax, to take time with friends, family, those you love and care about.

To see and recognize, how hard you’ve worked in the year – and in your life, as a whole – to be exactly where you are, right now.

Congratulate yourself. Honor yourself. Love and Celebrate yourself, and all you’ve accomplished, and in all the ways you’ve grown.

Take this time to see the progress you’ve made. Give thanks for where you are, and what you’ve survived, endured, and lived through.

See This Core Wound

Remember, life isn’t always about striving, running, and “trying to make things happen”.

There is, within almost all of us, a deep fear, that if we don’t constantly run, chase, and “work hard”… that things will “fall apart” and to a sense, we will “not be safe”.

This is a core wound, created by programs from our society, that trained us to fear failure, and chase approval, to such a subconscious, unceasing degree.

But when we recognize it, it’s no longer unconscious.

And we can simple WAKE UP. From the illusion of what used to keep us trapped, by the ankle, like a ball and chain.

We all start to recognize, the deeper programs that lay underneath our actions, choices and desires.

And we realize, that we’re actually but remnants of programs that were taught to us, that simply aren’t ours.

This is The Work

In this human journey, and in all we share with our greater community and family, we are here, all walking a similar path –

Where we’re learning, layer by layer, piece by piece, exactly what makes us act the way we do…

What keeps us stuck.

What keeps us in repeating patterns.

What keeps us acting in ways that are hurtful to ourselves, and the people around us…

And how to integrate these parts of us; balance them, bring harmony to them, and allow them the space on the sacred alter of our being, in a way that doesn’t effect us negatively any longer…

So we can step into the highest expression of Who We Are. And all we’re here to Be.

In this journey, this is why we share all we do…

Thank You

Thank you, so deeply, for being here with us.

We pray this content opens your heart, inspires you, and shows you how to reconnect back with your Self, in a deeper way, by using and aligning with the energies of the Summer Solstice.

Until next time –

In Sacred Service,
~ SoulCybin

*None of the information shared on this website is shared as medical, legal, or professional advice. If you have any concern, consult your licensed physician.

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