Good for the soul

I have ordered the inner peace 250mg, ceremonial journey, and the chocolates. The inner peace works best for me on a daily dose. I take 1-2capsules depending on how my day is planned and feel so much more in tune with myself, more open and willing to meet my needs and...

Effective and good guidance on how to use it

I was skeptical about whether the ceremonial chocolates would work. I was delighted to find that they were delicious and I had a pleasant, not overwhelming experience. The guide they provide is helpful in preparing for your experience.

Nothing To Fear

The experience I had with the Ceremonial Chocolate was everything I hoped it would be…and more. I had watched the Documentary “How To Change Your Mind” and became intrigued with the use of psychedelics for healing and changing people’s lives. I...


I got the ceremonial chocolates for my first ever experience taking mushrooms, and they were delicious. My healing journey was such a beautiful wonderful experience. I did microdosing, with sample packs leading up to taking the chocolates to help taper off a...

Total zen

The chocolate was really great taste good and out me in a total zen headspace
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