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If you’re reading this article, your attention has likely been drawn by the term 8th of shrooms or “ceremonial dose”

Or perhaps you are wondering…

What exactly is an eighth of shrooms? Never heard this before…

Or How much do shrooms cost?

The world of magic mushrooms is vast and still under continuous discovery.

When you start digging deeper into the infinite mental, spiritual, and therapeutic power that magic mushrooms hold, new terms will unfold, allowing you to explore the power of “psilocybin” – the compound found in magic mushrooms – in all its depth.

Through this article, you’ll discover what is a ceremonial dose of mushrooms, what an “eighth of shroom” means and exactly how you can intake them safely to receive their life-changing benefits.

Finally, we will dive into the frequently asked question “how much do shrooms cost?” so you can start your psilocybin healing journey with complete clarity and peace of mind.

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So, now…

What Is an Eighth of Shrooms?

An eighth of shrooms represents 3.5 grams of mushrooms.

The most frequent weight that mushrooms are sold in is an eighth, commonly referred to as an eight ball, or one-eighth of an ounce.

To understand if this dose is enough for a ceremonial experience with psilocybin, let’s take a step back…

golden cap shrooms

What Is a Mushroom Ceremony?

A mushroom ceremony happens when psychedelic mushrooms are intentionally consumed in a set environment. 

Intentions might range from healing emotional trauma and focusing on personal development to having mystical encounters and experiencing a profound spiritual awakening.

Mushroom ceremonies have been happening for centuries before mushrooms became well-known worldwide. 

In fact, archaeological discoveries show that ancient cultures have been using psilocybin mushrooms to heal, connect with the spiritual realm, and make important life decisions as far back as 10,000 BCE!

Mushrooms can be taken in different forms and dosages (depending on what your intentions are). They can be eaten dried, brewed in shroom tea or taken in capsules

How Can You Dose Mushrooms?

Mushrooms can be dosed in different ways according to what your intentions are and what you’re willing to receive through their intake. Some of the ways you can dose mushrooms are:

  • Microdose
  • Ceremonial dose
  • Heroic dose
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A Mushroom Microdose

A mushroom microdose is considered to be between 0.2 and 0.5 grams, depending on the type of mushroom and the amount of psilocybin it contains. To receive its benefits, it is usually suggested that it be taken regularly for a certain amount of time, which can vary from a month to several.

Such a tiny dose cannot trigger hallucinations or any adverse side effects. Hence, it can be safely taken even before work or on a typical day, just like vitamins…!

Among its wide range of benefits, psilocybin microdosing proved to be a highly effective self-soothing therapy to heal even the most severe cases of depression and anxiety. It may also increase clarity, productivity and treat brain fog by enhancing brain function. Additionally, microdosing may boost creativity and spiritual awakening by allowing you to connect with higher states of consciousness, such as 5D.

All in all, we can humbly affirm that microdosing mushrooms can change your life on all levels…!

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A Ceremonial Dose (eighth of shrooms)

As mentioned, mushroom ceremonies have been practised for centuries with sacred intentions.

For that purpose, Central American tribes, like the Mazatecs, were consuming higher doses of dried mushrooms on the occasion of divine ceremonies. As per their customs, they used to eat seven dried psilocybin mushrooms, seven being the number of shrooms constituting one family of mushrooms. They believed indeed that a ceremonial dose happened when the whole “mushroom family” was taken.

Nowadays, a ceremonial dose represents around 2 to 3.5 grams, the highest dose being an 8th of shrooms.

Using a higher dosage allows you to receive a more intense experience, which must be prepared by first setting divine intentions before intaking the mushrooms and then getting ready for a profoundly healing ego-less experience of deep consciousness, spiritual awakening, and creative realisations.

After a psilocybin sacred ceremony, your life will never be the same…!

You’ll become more aligned with your true purpose, feel a deeper connection with yourself and those around you, and experience an overall sense of clarity and depth that you’ve probably never felt before…

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Now, if you want to go even deeper…

A Heroic Dose

The heroic dose is the highest one and refers to around 5 grams of dried shrooms.

This is the most life-changing and transformational journey that should only be experienced in a safe, guided, and structured environment, as it can cause very intense hallucinations and revelations akin to a death and rebirth experience

This dose is referred to as “heroic” not only for its higher quantity but also in reminiscence of the mythological “hero’s journey” – which involves going through great challenges and a series of learnings that result in profound transformation.

Before intaking a heroic dose, you shall be prepared for a profound self-development journey through your deepest fears, shadows, and desires, intending to emerge as a purified, enlightened and higher version of yourself. 

Here is a great video you can watch to know more about this incredibly powerful dose.

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If you are ready for a heroic experience, we encourage you to schedule a consultation and/or integration call with our experts to ensure your inner journey is safe and transformational.

How Can I Take An Eighth Of Mushrooms In a Ceremonial Way?

If you wish to have the most authentic and life-changing experience by ceremonially taking mushrooms, we invite you to take inspiration from ancient tribes and their traditions.

Primitive cultures used to have such an intense connection with the infinite wisdom of nature, working hand in hand with plants for their deep spiritual power and medicinal benefits.

Sadly, we’ve been gradually losing this precious connection to the primal beauty of our gifts and those of Mother Nature.

Although modern society has made incredible technological developments, it has also been going backwards in many other ways – the disconnection from plant medicines being one of them.

That is why, to receive the full healing benefits of psilocybin, we shall take a step back and reconnect with OUR ROOTS.

Here is how to do so if you’re planning to experience an eighth of shrooms ceremonially:

  • Go somewhere where you feel safe, inspired and held
    (a place in nature being the best)
  • Set a sacred vibe and atmosphere
    (prepare an inspiring playlist, adorn the place with flowers, candles, incense…)
  • Set your intentions, BEFORE taking the eighth of shrooms
    (you can either write them down, say them out loud or express them as a prayer)
  • Express gratitude to mother nature, WHILE taking the eighth of shrooms
    (thank her for blessing you with such a powerful medicine)
  • Allow yourself to feel all the feels, DURING your inner trip
    (do not resist anything, welcome everything)
  • Take time to integrate, AFTER the trip
    (what insights and realizations have you received?)

As mentioned, an eighth of shrooms, when taken ceremonially, can be absolutely transformative. 

It goes way beyond the funny mushroom trips you can enjoy with friends…

It is a life-changing experience that will put you face to face with your deepest shadows, fears and traumas.

It is a DIVINE TRIP taken with your mind, soul and spirit…

A deep voyage that will connect you with DIVINE ONENESS. 

For doing so, it is essential that you allow yourself to feel everything that comes through during the journey, but also that you take time to integrate everything afterwards.

Now, after reading thus far, you’ve probably understood how profoundly life-changing an 8th of shrooms ceremony can be… 

So you may be wondering, how much does such a transformative experience cost? 

Well, it might actually be way more affordable than you think…
Let’s dive right into it.

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How Much Do Shrooms Cost in the US?

First of all, you shall know that there isn’t a set price for shrooms, as the cost depends on many different factors.

How much do shrooms cost may depend on the type, the amount, the quality and the origin of mushrooms.

To get a more in-depth explanation of the price of each type of magic mushrooms, you can read this article. Here, we will focus on the eighth of shrooms.

How much do shrooms cost when taken for a profound ceremonial dose?

Again, there is no specific price for an 8th of shrooms as it depends on the quality and type of mushroom you choose.

However, an eighth of shrooms commonly cost between $35-$70.

It’s also important to mention that magic mushrooms are not considered legal in many places around the world. This implies the absence of a standard price and potential fluctuations based on supply and demand. 

At Soulcybin, we prioritise offering mushroom blends of the highest quality. Each offering is consciously formulated by our master mycologist, by combining the powers of science and Mother Earth’s. 

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Are You Ready For an Eighth of Shrooms Journey?

Whether you would like to try a daily microdose, an eighth of shrooms in a ceremonial way, or a therapeutic heroic dose, we are here to support you all along your psychedelic healing and spiritual journey!

We hope this article helped shed light on the numerous benefits of a ceremonial dose, how to practice it safely and powerfully, as well as clarifying all your doubts about how much shrooms cost.

If you still have any questions regarding psilocybin mushrooms’ best intake practices and benefits, we invite you to join our private membership association to gain access to our private forum where our dedicated team of experts is here to provide you with personalized guidance and support.

By joining our members, you’ll also be able to share this life-changing journey with a community of like-minded souls who are on the same self-transformational and healing path as you.

It is our most sincere prayer that the gifts of Mother Nature help you realign with your highest truth, unlock your potential, and live the most fulfilling and enjoyable life on Earth…!

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