Spiritual Practices

In this article, we will delve deeply into what global awakening truly is, and how you can be part of it with the help of 5 powerful spiritual practices including natural healing tools such as psilocybin microdosing.

Be prepared… 

Being an active player in the global awakening entails being ready to embrace change, broaden your consciousness, reveal your true potential, and take actions aligned with your soul’s highest purpose!

Does this resonate with you? 

If YES, keep on reading to discover exactly how to bring your spiritual development to the next level.

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What Is Global Awakening?

To understand the meaning of global awakening, let’s first understand: What does awakening mean?

“Awakening” – according to the Oxford dictionary, is the act of waking from sleep, or suddenly becoming AWARE of something. 

In that sense, global awakening refers to the process of a profound shift in human consciousness, enabling individuals to access a higher understanding of themselves and the true nature of reality.

This significant evolution of mankind is said to be happening right now, as we enter the Age of Aquarius – a new era of expanding consciousness and enlightenment where people begin to appreciate the truth that we’re all interconnected beyond time and space through our spiritual essence

When one begins to have an experience that evokes the remembrance of their  true infinite nature and wakes up from their very, very long sleep – a sleep that has been going on through generations – it inevitably generates transformational waves of change in the entire collective.

It’s like a domino effect, starting with an individual who awakens, which expands to more souls who get inspired and WAKE UP, too…!

Spiritual Awakening: The Challenges

The awakening process is, however, neither easy nor immediate – waking up involves becoming aware of social conditionings, lies, and global control, which makes us feel small and forget our true essence and divine power.

It means changing ways of thinking and being, as the old paradigms do not align with the new reality anymore.

It means going out of your comfort zone, embodying your greatness, and owning your highest truth (staying asleep in the known is always the easiest choice).

The exciting news is that…
According to many schools of thought, since the dawning of the Age of Aquarius in 2012, marked by the end of The Mayan calendar – global awakening has begun!

The elevation of human consciousness is happening as we speak, and it keeps on expanding, thanks to people like you who choose to read, get informed, and be the change that this world needs!

Global Awakening

How Can You Be Part of Global Awakening?

As already mentioned, if you’ve been guided to read this article, it means you are already part of the global awakening. It starts with little steps, such as educating yourself on the matter, and then gradually expands to something bigger as you realign with your true purpose and your entire life transforms into a dream that is REAL.

If you’re in the Awakening Process chances are you’re being more curious, you’re starting to question and doubt a lot more, you’re manifesting with more ease, and you feel a sense of separation from others and from who you’ve been…

But this is exactly the reason why you are here…

to unlock your potential, make a difference, and live life to the fullest!

Because deep inside of you, you know that there is so much more to experience – beyond the limitations of rational thought, beyond the constraint of your five senses, and the abilities of your physical body. 

According to David Eagleman’s book: “The Brain: The Story of You”, human eyes can only see 0.0035% of the entire light spectrum. Your ears, likewise, can only perceive 1% of the total sound frequencies that exist… that is to say, our senses are incredibly limited, and far from being reliable to evaluate the nature of reality. Atoms, which are the building blocks of the entire universe, are themselves made of 99.99% energy and solely 00.01% matter…

Can you appreciate the implications that those numbers have?

Being awakened – entails to deeply know, understand and embody this truth.

The truth that our physical reality is nothing more than the reflection of our inner world, pure ENERGY, and that through the power of our consciousness – of our SPIRIT, we can intentionally create our dream life. 

To do so, you simply have to shift your focus – from outwards, to inwards.

Then, by cultivating a deep awareness of your energetical essence using various practices and tools, you will ultimately awaken your true powers and spiritual gifts…!

So let’s dive into what spiritual practices are, and how you can use them to be a part of global awakening.

What Are Spiritual Practices?

Spiritual practices are activities executed regularly to produce various spiritual experiences and encourage spiritual growth.

They may be implemented as part of specific religious teachings that allow the believer to connect with a transcendent reality, or “God” – or they can be done for the sole sake of expanding one’s spirit and mental power, through ascending to 5D consciousness or activating 12 strand DNA for the most ambitious.

Either way, there are myriad spiritual practices available depending on your beliefs and culture, as well as your desired outcome. For instance, if the goal is to simply attain well-being and inner peace, powerful non-religious spiritual practices may notably include: meditation, mindfulness, or yoga.

In this article, we will focus on introducing you to the most powerful spiritual practices for joining global awakening – that is to say, to connect to the collective consciousness, make an impact and embody your highest potential!

5 Spiritual Practices To Be Part Of Global Awakening

Here are our top spiritual practices that can help you become a leading force in the global awakening while at the same time ushering others into this blissful, life-changing journey.

  1. Use your voice
  2. Don’t be afraid to think big
  3. Connect with like-minded people
  4. Take time for yourself
  5. Use microdosing as a spiritual practice

1. Use your voice

As much as it might not appear like it, using your voice can be a powerful tool to both enhance your spiritual power and impact other people’s lives.

Using your voice means to SPEAK UP –  to share your feelings, your worries, your goals, your visions—everything that your heart holds and needs to express with concrete words for it to take shape or be let out.

The best part of speaking up is that it supports you in many ways:

  • It helps you feel liberated because using your voice is always empowering and freeing, as you won’t feel the need to keep anything for yourself.
  • It helps the community, as it allows others to hear you when you have something to say and feel deeply inspired or understood. 

You have no idea how many people are in need of hearing what you have to say, how many souls will feel less lonely and more inspired by your words – and how amazingly liberated and powerful you will feel after sharing what’s on your heart!

Using your voice will never be the wrong choice, but not using it might be!

2. Don’t be afraid to think big

Ok, we’re talking about a GLOBAL awakening. Meaning that we are definitely thinking big here – and that’s how it should be!

There is no time to play small in the community of awoken people, this is exactly why we choose to wake up, because we are ready to embrace the truth that the world is filled with infinite opportunities we all have access to at any time – beyond the limiting beliefs of our ego!

Thinking small is part of the old paradigm. It is driven by the fear of not being liked, not being understood, not being seen, and not succeeding in accomplishing our dreams.

Thinking big is a powerful spiritual practice, as it motivates you to believe in yourself and challenge the limits of your mind – which is boundless – aiming to create a change in yourself first and globally after.

Thinking small will keep you stuck in mere comfort with regrets, while taking risks and thinking beyond your limits will bring you growth and expansion!

3. Connect with like-minded people

You cannot be part of the global awakening on your own. Connecting with other souls equally dedicated to their truth will help you feel understood, inspired, and motivated throughout your journey.

You will see (if you haven’t already) that when you start to awaken, you begin to attract people who speak your same language, the language of the soul, that seek something beyond the physical!

Stick with those people, and keep on attracting more. 

To do so, you shall commit to embodying your most authentic self and joining spiritual communities of people whose hearts and passions resonate with yours. 

If these words inspired you so far, then you’d likely love to join our PMA, a private membership association created to gather people like you who are on the same path towards spiritual awakening and self-transformation.  

We are stronger when we are together, when we replace competition with cooperation, speak through our hearts, and start supporting each other as the big global family that we are.

4. Take time for yourself

Self-care time is an essential spiritual practice to add to your routine. Taking time each day or even a few days a week to be with yourself while meditating, doing yoga, journaling, dancing, or simply going for a walk can be incredibly life-changing in the way you show up for yourself and the world!

You cannot expect to be able to pour to others if your glass is empty. 

Consider experiencing spiritual practices that you can explore individually to align with your spirit and be more mind-body balanced.

Once you feel liberated, anchored, and good within yourself, you will be able to share more peace, kindness, and light with the community while also being more open and receptive to positive change.

It starts with you, but it expands to everyone else.

5. Use microdosing as a spiritual practice

The evolution of Psilocybin microdosing is the perfect example of how global awakening is currently happening in the world.

Magic mushrooms have been labeled as a “hippy drug” for years, being completely rejected by society and the medical field.

However, thanks to the global awakening, journalists, scientists, doctors, and psychologists have recently started to recognize the incredible power and medicinal benefits that mushrooms hold for mental, spiritual, and physical healththeir profoundly life-changing properties.

Microdosing isn’t only a powerful tool for healing illnesses such as chronic anxiety, depression and brain fog. It is also a unique spiritual practice allowing you to observe the interconnectedness of all things and beings, experience a deep sense of oneness, and reveal new opportunities held within yourself!

Let’s dig deeper into how this natural medicine can be the catalyst for huge breakthroughs in your life…

Microdosing: Enhanced Brain Performance and Global Awakening

Microdosing mushrooms consists in consuming a small amount of psilocybin (the compound found in the so-called magic mushrooms).

It is scientifically proven that psilocybin allows neurogenesis to take place – which is the production of new brain cells that enable better cognitive function and mental abilities.

Interestingly, we can compare the effect that psilocybin has on the brain with the effect that global awakening is having on people.

Through enhancing your brain health, connectivity and overall mental performance, microdosing can allow you to awaken spiritually, experience oneness, expand your consciousness and explore the world with a whole other level of depth.

It can change your life and help you inspire others to experience the same change too!

Are You Ready to Start the Journey?

Whether you feel you’ve always been ready to embark on a deep journey of transformation, or if these words have inspired you to change your life for the better…

We are here for you!

You’re warmly welcome to take part in our PMA, a private membership association whose main purpose is to expand global awakening through the power of community – a community of like-minded souls who aim to be the difference this world needs!

By joining our PMA, you will unlock exclusive offers and access the guidance of our team of experts who are dedicated to supporting you through your microdosing journey.

May psilocybin and spiritual practices support you in raising your consciousness, embodying the best version of yourself, and allowing you to make your dreams a reality!

When you elevate yourself, so does the entire collective…

so let’s co-create the Global Awakening together,

We got this!

*None of the information shared on this website is shared as medical, legal, or professional advice. If you have any concern, consult your licensed physician.

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